About us

About AYO Mart

Ayomart adalah singkatan dari Agriculture Youth Organization Mart yang didirikan oleh Ayo Comunnity di Yogyakarta. Ayomart menyediakan perdagangan barang-barang hasil bumi, pertanian, perikanan.

Produk yang di unggulkan ayomart adalah produk lokal seperti bawang merah, bawang putih, cabai, rempah dan buah-buahan lokal.

Ayomart memiliki jasa pengiriman dan pemesanan hasil bumi serta menyediakan barang-barang olahan hasil bumi siap diedarkan di Indonesia dan Luar Indonesia.

Ayomart at a Glance


One stop shopping for all

agricultural based


Our goals is to connect sustainable fair trade system from downstream (supply from local farmers, artisans and SME) to upstream (market B2B and B2C) by precision agriculture. The strength point is we are community based and growing together by educate each whole chain. We focus on developing local products with export quality to bring the worldclass standard in our products. We believe in holistic system in valuable products can upgrade this planet to be better place and create new great culture.

Product and Service

  • Agriculture Youth Mart is social enterprise as the gate to get agricultural based valuable products by sustainable program
  • A showcase to promote locals, artisan and homemade/SME’s products to the world by strengthen locals community.


  1. Farm
  2. Processing
  3. Craft


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  2. Blogs


  1. Farm adoption
  2. Collaboration
  3. Auction
  4. AYO pay
  5. AYO Mart Express

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